Can You Give Rabbits a Bath?

can you give rabbits a bath

Unlike dogs, rabbit’s spend a good portion of their day cleaning themselves. It’s much better to assist rabbits by making sure their enclosures are clean and their litter boxes are emptied daily rather than worrying about giving them a bath. Some pet rabbits may need some help from time to time, especially as they grow … Read more

Rabbit Grooming – A Beginners Guide

rabbit molting

Rabbits are delicate animals and rabbit grooming needs to be carried out on a regular basis, with gentle care. The grooming process is also a wonderful way to bond with your rabbit. Whilst you may have observed your rabbit frequently grooming themselves, it is important to regularly brush your rabbit, trim their nails and check … Read more

Indoor Rabbit Cages

Keeping your rabbit indoors is a wonderful choice. Rabbits are intelligent animals and will love to be around you. There are many options when it comes to indoor rabbit cages, whether it be a rabbit hutch, wire rabbit cage or rabbit pen. We’ll discuss the different types of indoor rabbit cages so you can choose … Read more

Rabbit Food Roundup – What is the Best Rabbit Food?

Your bunny deserves the best rabbit food. With so many options available, how do you know what to feed rabbits? There’s rabbit pellets, rabbit hay, organic rabbit food, grain free rabbit food and more. We discuss the different types of rabbit food so you can make an informed choice when selecting the best rabbit food … Read more