Top 5 Rabbit Litter Scoops for Your Bunny

It’s time to get the scoop on rabbit litter scoops!  Frequently cleaning a litter box is essential for good rabbit husbandry.  Yet, it can be a daily chore that is not rated highly on many rabbit owners’ favorite list of things to do.  Nevertheless, providing a comfortable and shipshape litter box is necessary to ensure you maintain a hygienic environment for your rabbit.  

I’ll get right to it and give you my choice of the best rabbit litter scoops to help keep your bunnies cage clean and tidy. I’ve also included lots of helpful information further down the page with tips on selecting a scoop, the best time to scoop litter and more.

DuraScoop Litter Scoop DuraScoop Litter Scoop
  • High-grade metal scoop for litter boxes 
  • Lightweight design made from durable aluminum  
  • Sifter, deep shovel, solid core 
  • Ergonomic handle coated with non-slip phthalate plastic
  • Rust-resistant  
  • Various colors: mint green; watermelon pink; & sky blue
  • Dimensions: length 12.7” x width 5.9” x depth 2.6”

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IPRIMIO Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel IPRIMIO Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel
  • Deep shovel & superior durability 
  • Solid cast aluminum scoop with a non-stick plated coating
  • Storage holder included
  • Great for cleaning the corner edges of the litter box   
  • Ergonomically designed grip handle 
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WePet Litter Scoop WePet Litter Scoop
  • Durable aluminum alloy sifter
  • Heavy-duty deep shovel with comfort grip handle
  • Rust-resistant
  • Dimensions: length 14″ x width 5″ x depth 2″
  • Great for reaching the far reaches of the litter box
  • Scoops up clumps with ease
  • Assortment of color handles
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CO-Z Litter Scoop CO-Z Litter Scoop
  • Solid aluminum alloy sifter 
  • Deep shovel with a flexible ergonomic handle
  • Rust-resistant
  • Dimensions: length 14″ x width 5.5″ x  depth 1.67″
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iPrimio XL Litter Sifter iPrimio XL Litter Sifter
  • Deep shovel 
  • Non-stick plated and solid aluminum
  • Silver in color
  • Ergonomically designed 
  • Wide front edge to clean deep corners
  • Two-piece set – holder included
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Rabbit Litter Scoop Designs

Most scoops designs are for cleaning kitty litter.  However, these scoops are equally suitable for sifting through rabbit litter boxes, primarily if you use pelleted paper or hardwood litter manufactured especially for rabbits. 

You can read our recent article about recommended rabbit litter here.

Did you know that rabbits produce on average 200 to 300 poo pellets a day?  Each poo pellet is around the size of a pea.

Rabbits also urinate between two to eight times a day.  Superior rabbit litter pellets will absorb the urine, making it possible to shovel out of the litter box. 

Sifting your rabbit’s poo pellets from dry litter is possible too.  However, rabbit poo pellets can slip through the grill of the scoop if they are exceptionally tiny, so you might not always be able to separate all the poo from the litter.  

With this in mind, we have researched numerous kitty litter scoops currently on the market that are just as versatile for removing rabbit litter waste.  The five of the best rabbit litter scoops that we featured above have a universal design, are durable, and easy to clean. 

Getting Your Rabbit Using the Litter Box

Did you know that rabbits like to nibble on food while they attend to their business?

There are different methods of litter management for rabbits, and one preference is to line a litter box with a pee pad or newspaper, then top it with litter in one half and hay in the other.  This arrangement also provides a rabbit with a soft cushioned base.

However, you can imagine that it doesn’t take too long for the food and litter to become mixed up. This litter salad is almost impossible to sift through and instead requires the disposal of the entire content of the litter box. 

Another litter management option is to provide your rabbit with a dedicated litter box topped with a pelleted material to capture any waste matter. 

Hay or other supplementary food can then be placed just outside the litter box but within reach of your rabbit so they can munch away while using the box.

If your rabbit is toilet trained, I prefer this method as it separates your rabbit’s dining room from their bathroom (look out for our future article on toilet training for rabbits).  Furthermore, it is far more economical as the used litter can be separated and scooped out every day and then topped with fresh litter if required.

This practice of regular cleaning will also stretch your litter supply further.

Selecting a Rabbit Litter Scoop

rabbit litter scoop

Who would have thought that the design of a litter scooping gadget was an important consideration? After all, who doesn’t want a clean litter box for their rabbits?

This task can be made more accessible by selecting a sturdy, purpose-built litter scoop to make maintaining a clean litter box for your rabbit a breeze.  

Interestingly, many plastic and metal scoops are on the market for kitty litter cleaning duties.  Yet, specifically designed rabbit litter scoops are limited. But a scoop is a scoop, and a kitty litter scoop will do the job just fine for cleaning your rabbit’s litter box.  

By and large, metal scoops are far more durable and hygienic than plastic scoops.  Plastic models can begin to harbor odors and stains over time instead of metal scoops that are more robust to wear and tear and easier to clean and maintain. 

Although plastic litter scoops are cheaper than metal scoops, they can quickly become brittle and begin to break down.  I remember this happening to me once when the scoop’s plastic grill gave way under tension, and the contents flew past me and onto the wall!

I think even my rabbit Basil was stunned to witness this equipment malfunction.  As an aside, my replacement litter scoop was a robust metal model that I still have to this day.

Cleaning Your Bunny Litter Scoop

Be sure to wash your rabbit’s litter scoop periodically.  This job can quickly be done by dunking or soaking the implement in a bucket of warm soapy water to clean any residual matter.  Then leave the scoop in the sunshine for a short time so that it dries thoroughly. 

Intriguingly, some litter scoops purport to be dishwasher safe!  I don’t know what you think, but I would prefer to resort to cleaning it the old fashion way with a bucket of warm soapy suds, rather than hear it rattling around in the dishwasher!

Scooping Tips to Make Cleaning Your Rabbit’s Litter Box Easier

bunny litter scoop

Scooping litter needs to be a daily task.  Removing urine clumps and fecal pellets from the litter box not only freshens up the area for your rabbit but will also encourage your rabbit to make good use of their litter facilities. 

Conversely, if you seldom scoop the litter, then your rabbit could start to look elsewhere for an alternative restroom, resulting in more work for you.

Litter should be scooped when it’s still damp and not too dry.  Why?  Because it is easier to spot and remove wet waste from the box. 

This practice will also prevent the litter from becoming too saturated.  Avoiding urine and fecal matter accumulation will also prevent the build-up of stale aromas wafting from the litter box. 

Frequently scooping your rabbit’s litter also provides an opportunity to monitor their health.  If your rabbit displays any signs of illness, their litter box could provide some preliminary indicators to discuss with your veterinarian.