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Welcome to just hutches, where we’re actually a little more than just hutches. We love rabbits and small animals and have dedicated this site to our fluffy friends. You’ll find all the information you need on pet rabbit breeds, rabbit hutches, how to care for a rabbit and more. Select your options below or from our menu bar above.

A rabbit is a wonderful pet to own. We hope you enjoy the information presented, whether you are still deciding on buying a domestic rabbit or have already added a gorgeous baby rabbit to your family.

indoor rabbit hutch

Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Keep your rabbit safe and cozy indoors with an indoor rabbit hutch. Whether you are looking for a wire rabbit cage, or a deluxe wooden rabbit hutch, our honest reviews of indoor rabbit hutches will keep you informed on what to look for when buying a rabbit hutch and help you make the best choice for your bunny.

outdoor rabbit hutch

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

If you're keeping your rabbit outdoors, you'll need an outdoor rabbit hutch to keep him or her safe from the weather. We review outdoor rabbit cages including multi level rabbit cages, waterproof rabbit hutches and rabbit hutches with runs, to bring you the best outdoor rabbit hutch for your bunny.

double rabbit hutch

Double Rabbit Hutch

Keeping more than one rabbit or looking for a multi level rabbit cage? We've got you covered with the best double decker rabbit hutches available. There's stackable rabbit cages, rabbit coops and rabbit enclosures. We'll bring you only the best rabbit cages for sale, so you can buy a double rabbit hutch with confidence.

Your rabbit will require regular grooming, good quality rabbit food and a selection of natural chew toys to keep their teeth in good health. Rabbits also love to snuggle and hide. We help you choose the best rabbit bedding, and recommend the best litter for rabbits to keep their rabbit hutch clean and odor free. Browse our rabbit supplies categories below:

rabbit pellets

Rabbit Food

Feed your rabbit only the best quality rabbit food, including rabbit pellets, rabbit hay and rabbit treats. We've reviewed the best rabbit food on the market to keep your rabbit happy and healthy.

water rabbit

Rabbit Water Bottles

Keeping your bunny hydrated is a must. We've personally selected the best rabbit water bottles and heated rabbit water bottles. We'll discuss the differences between a rabbit bowl and a no drip rabbit water system.

rabbit grooming brush

Rabbit Grooming

Bunny grooming is essential. We'll show you how to cut rabbit nails using rabbit nail clippers, discuss how to give your rabbit a bath, as well as what to look for when buying a rabbit brush.

rabbit bedding

Rabbit Bedding

Choosing the best bedding for rabbits depends on your rabbits habitat. We'll discuss the different types of rabbit bedding to keep your pet rabbit safe, control odors and minimize dust.

rabbit feeder

Rabbit Hay Feeder

There are many benefits to buying your pet rabbit a rabbit hay feeder, not just keeping your rabbit hay clean and dry. We've reviewed rabbit hay feeders to bring you the best available for your rabbit.

best rabbit toys

Toys for Pet Rabbits

Your bunny will love to snuggle and hide as well as play. We bring you the best toys for pet rabbits including bunny hideouts, igloos, rabbit tunnels and rabbit cage accessories.

rabbit harness and leash

Rabbit Harness

Taking your bunny for a walk? You'll need a rabbit harness, rabbit leash and rabbit collar. We'll help you choose a rabbit harness and leash to keep your pet rabbit comfortable and most of all safe.

bunny carrier

Rabbit Carrier

Keep you rabbit safe and secure when traveling with a rabbit transport cage. With new designs for small animal transport including soft sides your rabbit will feel at home with our personally selected rabbit carrier cages.

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