Rabbit Parasites: Causes, Treatment & How to Avoid

rabbit parasites

Cute, cuddly, and oh-so-clean—rabbits are the perfect pet. At least, that’s what you may believe about your pet bun. However, a host of small and microscopic parasites can lurk beneath all that fluffy cuteness. You need to be aware of rabbit parasites to ensure your rabbit lives a pain-free and peaceful life.  Monitoring your pet … Read more

Rabbit Ear Mites: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

rabbit ear mites

Ever struggled with a rabbit that scratches their ears till the fur flies? Rabbit ear mites are a painful and thoroughly irritating cause of itching ears and ear canker (a highly contagious disease).  Learn all about the what, why, and how of rabbit ear mites to protect, treat, and heal your rabbit’s itchy ears and … Read more

GI Stasis in Rabbits

bunny gi stasis

A healthy pet rabbit is continually eating. A bunny that unexpectedly stops eating is a cause for concern, particularly if it lasts for a few hours or more. GI stasis in rabbits is the most common reason a rabbit will stop eating. If this happens to your rabbit, you need to act quickly. What is GI … Read more